Organic Guatemalan

A touch of brown sugar, cinnamon & nutmeg create an enticing aroma.

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  • RoastMedium
  • BodyFull
  • OriginGuatemala
  • RegionHuehuetenango

About the Grower

CODECH (Coordinator of Organizations for the Development of Concepcion Huista) is located in the municipality of Concepcion Huista in the department of Huehuetenango in Guatemala. For years, Huehuetenango has been one of Guatemala’s prime coffee regions. The amount of high-altitude land in this region is vast and the varieties cultivated are Bourbons or derivatives; both of these are essential to producing quality coffee. The profile of this cup is very fruity with higher and brighter citric-acidity. It is also very common to taste some chocolate notes in the background.

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Organic Guatemalan