Organic Colombian

Full bodied with subtle hints of chocolate and walnuts.

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  • RoastMedium
  • BodyFull & Round
  • OriginColombia
  • RegionPiendamo, Cauca

About the Grower

COMEPCAFE - Cooperativa Multiethnica y Pluricultural de Pequenos Caficultores del Cauca was founded in late 2010 near the town of Piendamo in the Cauca region. From its modest inception, COMEPCAFE has grown to some 900 members in Toribio, Morales, Caldono, Cajibio and Santander de Quilichao. Indigenous Colombians working farms from .5 to 3 hectares of coffee represent 99% of all members of COMEPCAFE. They pick and ferment at their homes and dry on raised beds with parabolic covers.

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Organic Colombian