Morningstar Coffee announces fully recyclable single serve cups

October 18, 2015 in

March 2015 – Morningstar Coffee (Minneapolis, MN) announces the launch of their new eco-friendly, single serve coffee cups. Our single serve cups are made of plastic #5, which is fully recyclable and environmentally friendly. We fill the new single serve cups the same award winning, freshly roasted, fair trade, organic Morningstar Coffee.

“The consumer has been looking for a eco-friendly, single serve coffee cup but they haven’t been readily available. Until now, Morningstar Coffee has chosen not to participate in the single serve marketplace because of the post-consumer waste issue. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our carbon foot-print and make responsible choices. Single cups are just another example,” states Jose Vido, founder and owner of Morningstar Coffee.


Morningstar single serve cups are available at Kowalski’s Grocery stores and on-line at $10.99 per box/12 cups per package


The performance of the cups is at level with the competition. No performance or taste is sacrificed with the recyclable materials that are used.

About Morningstar Coffee:

For nearly two decades, Morningstar Coffee has been one of Minneapolis’s best-kept secrets. Morningstar provides the Twin Cities marketplace with organic, hand-roasted, small batch coffee. Our coffee is hand selected from the best farms all over the world, including our own family farm in Brazil. Our commitment to organic, sustainable practices that support small coffee farmers has been passed down from generation to generation.

About Jose Vido/Founder/Owner:

Coffee isn’t our hobby, it’s in our blood. As a third generation coffee grower, Jose Vido is serious about coffee. He learned his business growing up on his grandfather’s coffee plantation in Brazil where organic, sustainable practices were simply the way it was done.

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