Who doesn’t love getting buzzed when you least expect it? Our vintage MorningStar Coffee Truck pours it on at local events, parties and special events. Even if you stick to your hood, don’t be surprised when our caffeine caravan pulls up and pours it on. If your party needs a jolt – invite the MorningStar Coffee Truck to join the fun and let the good times flow!


Our Product Options:

Freshly Brewed Coffee

Nitro Coffee

Cold Press

Freshly Brewed Iced Tea

Full Service Coffee Bar


Menu and Pricing:

Classic Coffee (12oz) $3

Cappuccino $5

Latte $5

Espresso $3

Iced Tea $4

Cold Press $5


Classic Package:

$400 flat fee

3-4 hour event service

1 barista

20-60 guests

Menu:  Brewed coffee and cold press


Premium Package:

$600 fee

5-6 hours

2 Baristas

+ 25 guests

Menu:   Full Coffee Bar Service


Custom Package:

Option to customize for your event.

Email us for more details!


Limitless Event Options:

Festival or Charity Event?

Looking for a way to make your event stand out?  Inviting the MorningStar truck to your event will help distinguish your brand.


Having a private or backyard party?

A full service coffee bar is a fun way to add personality to your next party. 


Planning a wedding?

Because of the unique look of our truck we help make your wedding memorable from the start to the finish.  And coffee is always the perfect companion to wedding cake.


Caterer or Chef?

The MorningStar truck can be a companion to where you are serving your food.  If you are catering an event we can partner with you to enhance the entire experience. 


Common Questions:

Is it possible to rent just the truck?

Yes but we’ll need to discuss the details


Is the truck available to fund raising events?

Yes, please tell us more about your charity and we’ll consider it.


How long can you hire the truck?

4 – 8 hours but we’re open to customizing.


Does the truck serve alcohol?

No, but it’s a private party we could customize a specialty coffee drink. 


Does the truck serve food? 

No, at this time we are not equipped to serve food. 


At MorningStar Coffee we love bringing the warmth and coffee culture of Brazil to Minneapolis. That’s why we’ve been quietly hand-roasting, small batches of organic coffee in the Twin Cities for over 20 years.


How to Book the MorningStar Coffee Truck:

Contact Hailey White – Customer Service Manager